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Frequently Asked Questions

Disposable coffee cups are often made from renewable materials like paper and bamboo. They have either an oil-based, bio-plastic or aqueous coating that allows them to maintain their structural integrity when filled with liquid.

Double wall cups offer an extra layer of insulation against the hand making them perfect for teas and hot coffees. Single wall cups can be used for all other drinks. Consider which drinks your business sells most of to decide what is more suitable.

Learn more in our article Single Wall Vs Double Wall Coffee Cups

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options of our disposable coffee cups. You can purchase most of our ranges in cartons of either 500 or 1000.

We offer the standard 8oz and 12oz cup sizes, which are most common for cafes and
restaurants. These make a great 'Small' and 'Large' option that customers will be familiar with. We also carry 16oz cups, 6oz cups, and 4oz cups, which are perfect for more specialty coffees.

See how to choose the right paper cup size for your business here

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