Sustain Cup Hot Single Walled Bamboo

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Sustain Bamboo Hot Cups are a durable, stylish and functional solution for food service and takeaway. Made from bamboo pulp paper, the plant can be harvested approximately every 3-5 years. Harvesting does not kill the plant, so it can continue to regenerate and grow. The grasses produce 30-35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of plants, plus also absorbs greenhouse gases. The lining of the cup is made from BioPBS (bio-based polybutylene succinate), which is derived from natural resources. Sustain cups are compostable in industrial composting facilities under specific conditions. They have been tested to comply with standard EN 13432 which requires at least 90% disintegration after 12 weeks, 90% biodegradation (CO2 evolvement) in six months. The cups also pass requirements on ecotoxicity and heavy metal content testing.

  • Sourced from renewable materials
  • Premium quality with a stylish design
  • An ideal sustainable disposable food packaging solution

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