Sustain Cup Hot Double Wall Embossed CT/500

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Length 0.465m x Width 0.375m x Height 0.46m
Pack size:
Carton of 500


Sustain 12oz embossed paper hot cup double wall an ideal takeaway hot drink container for the hospitality and food service provider. Sustain's embossed paper hot cups are made using renewable materials, offering a stylish, durable and environmentally friendly packaging alternative. The lining of the cup is made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is another type of bioplastic, also derived from plants such as sugarcane and corn, so is derived from natural resources. Sustain packaging is commercially compostable, which means it is designed to be collected and commercially composted with your food waste. The product will only degrade under specific criteria created within a commercial facility. During composting, compostable products will break down into carbon dioxide (CO2), water, inorganic compounds and biomass which leaves no visible contaminants or toxic residue.
High quality disposable food packaging
Compostable in a commercial facility
Made from plant-based sources
Composts into a nutrient dense food waste

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