Vacuum Seal Bags Printed Corned Meat PK/100

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Length 1m x Width 0.28m x Height 0.42m
Pack size:
Pack of 100


Advantage Vacuum Seal Bags are specifically designed to present your corned meat professionally with eye catching appeal. Suitable for a chef, butcher or home cook. These bags are designed to extend the shelf life of fresh goods due to barriers in the film and are also suitable for slow cooking (sous vide) at low temperatures. These vacuum bags ensure presentation of fresh, frozen and ready-to-freeze meats in fridge and display cabinets. They also extend the shelf-life of fresh poultry, seafood, beef, lamb and even vegetables.

  • A reliable high-quality packaging solution
  • Suitable for food storage and slow cooking
  • Vacuum sealed food stays fresh for longer and protects food

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