Chef Inox Ice Alligator Teeth 175mm EA

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Length 0.18m x Width 0.02m x Height 0.02m
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Chef Inox Ice Alligator Teeth Ting is made of stainless steel. These tongs make it easy to pick up multiple cubes at once, made of strong and durable stainless steel they complement a range of ice buckets.

Ideal for commercial or home use. Good quality ice tongs have sharp notches, or teeth,in order to get a better grip on the ice. Using tongs allows for the ice to be lowered carefully into a beverage, to prevent the ice from falling and splashing into the drink. It is also much more sanitary to use tongs than for someone to grab the ice with his or her hands. For those who enjoy entertaining, or work in hospitality, good quality tongs are a must.

  • Professional quality
  • Handy Alligator Teeth grip on ice
  • Easy to use, protect hands from heat and splatter

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