Scott Towel Optimum 150 sheets/pack 24x24cm CT/16

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Length 0.43m x Width 0.26m x Height 0.286m
Pack size:
Carton of 16


Scott Optimum Hand Towel by Kimberly-Clark Professional has been carefully designed as the optimum size to effectively dry hands using just one sheet. The dispensing one towel at a time enables a hygienic experience whilst also reducing waste and cost. It is up to 50 percent stronger when wet so that less towels are used leading to lower cost. Optimum Hand Towel is extremely versatile and suitable for washrooms but also lunchrooms and kitchens. When used with matching dispenser, single-dispensing technology promotes good hygiene and reduces waste in the workplace as you only have to touch the towel you need. Providing quality paper products to your customers encourages positive feelings about your business

  • Promote good hygiene and reduces waste in the workplace
  • Highly absorbent Airflex technology
  • Effective single sheet hand drying
  • Great value without compromising quality

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