Recycled Toilet Roll Jumbo 2ply 300m CT/8

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Length 0.47m x Width 0.24m x Height 0.39m
Pack size:
Carton of 8


Pristine recycled jumbo toilet roll 2 ply 300m is suited for high-traffic washrooms. The Pristine recycled toilet roll is good quality paper made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste, ensuring you´re using environmentally friendly materials. Good quality paper made entirely from post-consumer waste, materials recovered from manufacturing that would otherwise have turned into scrap paper, Pristine Recycled Toilet rolls offer a better solution when it comes to toilet paper. Offering you an alternative solution for your washroom.

  • 300 metres of 2 ply of good quality washroom paper
  • 100% Post Consumer Waste
  • Designed to suit any bathroom colour palette
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene

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