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Length 0.112m x Width 0.112m x Height 0.054m
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Pack of 10


Fildes 21 x 12mm Permanent USE BY Pricing Gun Label. Available in package quantity of 5 rolls per pack. It is a single line gun label. Date marking provides consumers with a guide to the shelf life of a food, and is based on either quality attributes of the food or health and safety considerations. The date mark indicates the length of time a food should keep before it begins to deteriorate; before the food becomes less nutritious or unsafe. A ‘use-by’ date is the last date on which the food may be eaten safely, provided it has been stored according to any stated storage conditions and the package is unopened. After this date, the food should not be eaten for health and safety reasons.

  • Permanent adhesive
  • Simple to load and use
  • Manufactured in Australia

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