Kwikmaster Scour Sponge Premium 150x115mm CT/60

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Length 0.478m x Width 0.243m x Height 0.328m
Pack size:
Carton of 60


Kwikmaster premium scouring sponge green 150mm x 115mm is ideal for general everyday cleaning. Certified by HACCP Australia, Kwikmaster's premium scouring sponge offers premium cleaning performance, with a thicker scourer on the reverse. The foam sponge carries soap and water to make cleaning easy. The scour side scrapes away fine food particles and grease while leaving a clean and polished finish.

  • Premium all purpose performance
  • Sponge on one side and non-scratch pad on the other
  • Easy to use on benchtops and cleaning utensils
  • Non-scratch fibres clean surfaces like glass, stainless steel and plastic

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