Kleenex Facial Tissue 2ply Executive CT/24

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Length 0.443m x Width 0.358m x Height 0.397m
Pack size:
Carton of 24


Kleenex Facial Tissue by Kimberly-Clark Professional are designed with user satisfaction and comfort in mind. This box of Kleenex facial tissues is the largest in the Kleenex facial tissue range with 200 tissues per box, ideal for placement in busy workplaces. Facial tissues are a handy disposable alternative for cloth handkerchiefs. Facial tissues are a super convenient beauty product, and a staple in many women’s makeup toolkit. In addition to makeup and beauty, facial tissues are particularly useful for quick cleanups and spills as well as dusting, and can be used as padding for delicate items. The convenience of facial tissues, alongside their surprising strength and absorption qualities, makes them very useful at home or at work.

  • 200 tissues per pack / 24 packs per case
  • Lint guard protects tissues
  • Blue end of pack indication signal sheets
  • Superior softness and absorption

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