Khabin Turner Square Tip Bevelled Edge White EA

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Length 0.246m x Width 0.1m x Height 0.02m
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Khabin Square Tip Bevelled Edge White Turner is the perfect tool for professionals of the food handling industry, commercial kitchens and the home cook. Everyone working in the food industry is familiar with a turner. A square tip turner is ideal when it comes to lifting and flipping food items with ease. An ideal turner has a durable handle to withstand heavy use and a broad flat head, making it easy and efficient to use during food handling. Turners come in a variety of sizes, so save time and ensure quality by making sure you have the right on for the job..

  • Crafted using high quality stainless steel
  • Strong, durable and easily sharpened
  • Treated for maximum oxidisation resistance
  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort control

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