Katermaster Napkin Lunch 2ply GT White CT of 2000

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Length 0.464m x Width 0.319m x Height 0.319m
Pack size:
Carton of 2000


Katermaster Luncheon Napkin 2 Ply with a 1/8 Fold provide a classic decorative tabletop solution suited for any luncheon. This lunch napkin is made out of 2-ply paper, making it super absorbent and easy to clean up any spills. From an overspilled beer, to a cold glass, these classy 2-ply napkins are super absorbent and will easily blend in at any function theme. They are the perfect combination of soft and strong. Handy to have at home for BBQs and gatherings.

  • A reliable high-quality solution
  • Absorbent but not abrasive on skin
  • Combination of softness and strength

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