Deliwrap Paper Pop-Up Sht Large White Disposable Pack PK/1000

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Length 0.212m x Width 0.206m x Height 0.044m
Pack size:
Pack of 1000


Detpak Deli-Wrap has light wax coverage on both sides, for a good moisture barrier, also allowing breathability. The pick-up sheets in a dispenser are ideal for use in a bakery to hygienically pick up items. Detpak provides packaging solutions to grocery and food service sectors with world-class paper and cardboard packaging solutions, produced from sustainably and ethically sourced materials. Packaging is the first impression your customer will get of your food, so ensure your food is well presented and visually appealing within strong Detpak packaging.

  • Innovative packaging solutions for foodservice and delivery
  • Ensure your goods are well presented
  • Produced from sustainable and ethically sourced materials
  • World-class paper and cardboard packaging solutions

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