Abena Shampoo Cap With Conditioner CT of 30

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Length 0.4m x Width 0.2m x Height 0.315m
Pack size:
Carton of 30


Abena Unisize Shower Cap with Conditioner contains shampoo and conditioner so is ideal for people who are bedbound. The cap can be used at room temperature or heated in the microwave. The recommended temperature of the cap during use is 40C. Massage the hair through the shower cap for 2-3 minutes. The hair is now cleansed and the cap can be removed. No rinsing is required.

  • Heat in microwave (incl. packaging) for 15-20 seconds at maximum 800W
  • Single use shampoo cap, then dispose of with household waste
  • Dry wash, with conditioner, colorant and fragrance free

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