Sustainable Takeaway Cups - Options for Your Business

Over the last few years, there’s been a big shift in the world of takeaway drink packaging when it comes to sustainability. From the straw ban to the single-use plastic bans, the limiting of plastic across takeaway food packaging means finding the best plastic-free alternatives for your business.

With all these new laws unfolding and even more consumers concerned with the sustainability of a products packaging, expectations are high for brands to provide more environmentally friendly options. In fact, according to a 2018 report by the National Restaurant Association 50% of hospitality customers are more likely to return to businesses that offer sustainable choices.

So, what’re your options when looking at sustainable takeaway cups?

  • Embossed Paper Cups

With a ripple embossing on the material to allow for better grip, Sustain's embossed paper cups provide a tactile feeling for the user and adds an extra element of heat insultation achieved due to the raised design creating air pockets against the skin. 

Made with a water-based barrier coating (WBBC) and paper sourced from well-managed Forest Stewardship Council certified forests (FSC-C117930) and other controlled sources these cups are ideal for healthcare, homecare and aged care environments.

  • Aqueous Kraft Brown  

With a classical design to promote a minimal sustainable look popular in hospital and corporate environments, Sustain's aqueous kraft brown paper cups are made from unbleached kraft brown paper which maintains paper strength and decreases water-use in production and manufacturing.

The simple design and colour palette of the range promote an “organic” look for businesses after a more straight-forward aesthetic and are made with a water-based barrier coating (WBBC) which eliminates the need for a separate plastic lining and reduces plastic use. 

  • OzHarvest Collection 

Made from renewable FSC-certified material (FSC-C117930), each design in Sustain's OzHarvest Collection was artfully and purposefully created to promote a message of sustainability through the use of national and environmental iconography. 

The Four Seasons showcases the changing seasons across the same farmland representing Australia’s strong agricultural market and the importance of sustainable land management in creating a better environment for future generations.

Australian Fauna features an instantly recognisable symbol of Australia in koalas. Due to land clearing and longer bushfire seasons damaging their habitat, koala populations have significantly reduced. Koalas were chosen to encourage action in the protection and management of our forests in the fight against climate change.

Mindfulness is the final design and showcases the silhouette of a large tree against the backdrop of a setting sun. Sunsets are one of the most recognised images in the world and are an occurrence that can be seen from almost anywhere. The single figure underneath the tree is contemplating that beautiful sunset in a moment of stillness in representation of mindfulness. 

  • Bamboo  

An understated design printed on cups made from renewable bamboo with a subtle image to promote one of the most resilient and fast-growing resource. 

With a bio-based polybutylene succinate (BioPBS) lining that makes the cup compostable under specific conditions in industrial facilities after-use, Sustain's Bamboo range of cups offers sleek sustainable cups to suit any business.

With customers now more environmentally savvy than ever, make sure that you're offering the best sustainable choice for your business with Sustain’s takeaway cups.

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Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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