Are Your Gloves the Right Fit?

As a professional working in the food handling industry you know that disposable gloves are a necessary tool of a working day. You also know the risks involved with not having the right tools of the trade.

Having the right gloves in your business prevents the spread of germs, bacteria and keeps your employees and customers safe. So, what makes a disposable glove the right fit?

  1. Reduce Infection

Disposable gloves are key to stopping the spread of viruses in the workplace. Alongside consistent hand washing, disposable gloves are a staple of the hospitality industry. They allow you and your employees to prepare and handle food safely and hygienically without risking the health of staff and customers.

  1. Quality Matters

It’s important that your disposable gloves are comfortable to wear and high quality. Gloves should fit properly so that they don’t get in the way of your work. They should also be powdered so that they are easy to put on and take off, be comfortable to wear and made specifically for the food handling environment.  Materials like vinyl are best for protecting your hands against oil and other common liquids in food preparation.

  1. Economical

Finding a high-quality glove for your business that doesn’t easily tear or break the bank can be hard. Vinyl gloves are made from PVC and often provide greater value when it comes to disposable gloves. Most popular in the food industry, vinyl gloves are perfect when you need to change your gloves regularly.

The right pair of disposal gloves should be a good quality and comfortable to wear, plus be economical to keep in stock. Katermaster’s Vinyl Gloves are created specifically for professionals working in the food handling industry and are ideal for use in your kitchen.

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