The Revival of the Paper Bag

If you work in Hospitality, then you’re probably familiar with the War on Waste that’s quickly taking over the industry. From 2019 there has been a wide-scale banning of single-use plastic shopping bags across Australia and New Zealand. This ban was only one step in a major overhaul for governments when it comes to limiting single-use plastics in retail businesses. The Federal Government’s announced that by 2025 all food and drinks packaging used in hospitality will have to be reusable, recyclable or compostable.

As you know, plastic bags are an often used tool when it comes to takeaway food packaging. So, what is a good alternative that can still get the job when it comes to your business?

Easily transportable and lightweight, paper bags are one of the alternatives widely available across Australia and New Zealand. Paper packaging has picked up in popularity as it provides a solid and stylish solution to single-use plastic bags.

Why are Detpak paper bags a good environmental choice for you?

  • 100% renewable, compostable and recyclable
  • Re-usable for your customers at home
  • Can hold up to 14kgs in weight
  • Custom printing available to promote your business

From aesthetics to sustainability, paper bags are a great choice if you’re looking to adopt alternative packaging. The Detpak Flat Handle Carry Bag is a strong and sturdy alternative to a plastic bags in food packaging that stands upright on counters for easy loading.

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Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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