Is Your Knife Sharp Enough?

One of the secrets to a successful kitchen is the quality of your knives. Having perfectly sharpened knives not only makes a safer kitchen, but also ensures a quality cut. That’s why sharpening is essential when it comes to working with your knives.

So, how do you know if your knife is sharp enough?

You can test the sharpness of a blade by running it through a piece of paper. Fold a piece of paper in half, hold it up in the air, and bring your knife down to cut through it. If your knife doesn’t slice through the paper, it’s time to sharpen it. If the blade moves continuously through the paper without stopping then it’s sharp and in good shape.

When the time does eventually come when you need to sharpen a knife, you can follow the below steps.

Sharpening Your Blades

  1. Hold your honing steel upright
  2. Pull the knife downwards towards you
  3. Repeat 10 times
  4. Sharpen every 30 or so uses

However, if you want to keep your knives sharp, you should avoid putting them into the dishwasher – especially for larger blades. This is because extended cleaning in a dishwasher can dull the blade due to the use of chemicals and pressure from the rhythmic water cycles. Instead, you can follow the below tips to properly clean your knives after use.

6 Tips on How to Clean a Knife

  1. Wash Immediately

It’s much easier to clean a blade if you wash it straight after use. This prevents any food from hardening or sticking to the blade.

  1. Clean by hand

Hold your blade under cold running water and rub the blade with your fingers, without touching the sharp edge.

  1. Use Water

A knife blade is perfectly polished so that nothing should stick to it. Food scraps can be washed off with running water and some light scrubbing. The only exception to this is greasy food – you should use a small amount of soap to wash off any oily residues.

  1. Dry Immediately

Leaving knives out to air dry will make them dull faster over time due to oxidation and can also cause rust. Drying with a tea towel and storing in a knife block can help retain the quality of your knife.

Taking care of your knives is key to making them last, but investing in a good quality knife ensures they will. Victorinox produces and sells practical, efficient and high-quality blades to suit your kitchen,

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