Sleeping Well With Incontinence

Incontinence is a condition that describes the involuntary loss or leakage of urine or faeces, and can be caused by either underlying medical conditions or lifestyle factors. It affects over 5 million Australians and the severity ranges from the occasional leak of urine to the complete loss of bladder and bowel control. With the use of continence aids and incontinence products, the condition can be affectively managed for the sufferer. However, it can also cause several less-obvious issues in the sufferer’s life – including worries with sleep due to the stress or embarrassment of possible leakage occurring.

If you’re a carer of someone with incontinence or suffering from incontinence yourself, finding ways to give yourself peace of mind during the night lies in the use of continence aids.

There are several different types of incontinence but the most common is known as stress incontinence. Stress incontinence has nothing to do with psychological stress but occurs when the pelvic floor becomes weakened or damaged. This means that when doing activities like running or bending over, excessive pressure is put onto the bladder and causes the loss of small amounts of urine. This type of incontinence is often the result of pregnancy, surgery, or other life-style factors. Depending on the cause, it can also be temporary of long-term.

Other forms of incontinence can also be caused by underlying medical issues such as prostate cancer or surgery, different lifestyle factors like drinking large amounts of alcohol or more practical problems like poor accessibility of the toilet. Alongside the use of products like pull up pants or briefs (for heavier incontinence), pads and liners (for light to moderate incontinence) during the night, continence aids such as mattress protectors and bed protectors are the perfect support for all types of incontinence.

Why should I use a mattress or bed protector?

People who suffer from incontinence have no control of when leakage may happen, which is why finding products that help them feel safe and secure is important. If fecal or urine leaks occur on furniture or bedding and are not immediately noticed and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, they can add to the embarrassment and distress of the sufferer as well as become the source of uncomfortable and bad odours.

Using bed and mattress protectors are a discreet solution to this problem and a good way to prevent accidental leakages or damage occurring throughout the night. They can also provide an added feeling of security to the user and avoid the development of any bad odours.

Can I use mattress or bed protectors on other pieces of furniture?

Replacing permanent fixtures such as large pieces furniture, mattresses or carpeting is difficult and can also become costly. Using mattress and bed protectors on items that are expensive or difficult to replace is not only extra protection but also a cost-saving addition. They provide a simple layer of security, while making it easily cleanable if necessary.

What kind of bed or mattress protector should I use?

Bed and mattress protectors come in a variety of sizes (from single to king mattress protectors) and are suitable all types of sleeping arrangements. Depending on the individuals needs and type of incontinence, you can also buy disposable protectors (single use) or washable protectors (reusable).

Mattress and bed protectors are an easy and simple way to help those suffering from incontinence feel comfortable and safe throughout the night.

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Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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