Kitchen Essentials

It’s no secret that when it comes to your kitchen, the tools you use matter. Afterall, you’ll find it a lot easier to grill with a wide square tip turner than a narrow one – or none at all! And if you use anything but a narrow turner for foods like eggs, fish, or crepes they’re more likely to fall apart.

Knowing which kitchen tools are best for purpose is one way to help your kitchen run smoothly. So, what are the essentials you should have in your kitchen?

Kitchen Shears

A pair of strong kitchen shears will be your best friend when it comes to quick and accurate cutting. A pair of quality shears should be made from a material like stainless steel so that they can withstand heavy-duty cleaning and be made specifically for all-purpose use in the kitchen.

Square Tip Turner

Everyone working in a kitchen is familiar with a turner. A square tip is ideal when it comes to lifting, flipping and general grilling of food items – and the difference between a wide turner and narrow turner is important. Whichever turner you need, it should still have a durable handle to withstand heavy use and heat, and a broad flat head that makes it easy to use during cooking.

Sandwich Spreader

Sandwich spreaders are perfect for everyday use in a café kitchen when it comes to slicing sandwiches and spreading toppings. They should be made from strong materials like high carbon steel to withstand everyday use and heavy-duty cleaning.

Angle Blade Scraper

When made from durable material such as stainless steel, a quality angle blade scraper will help you remove grime and clean down surfaces before you wipe down at the end of the day. Scrapers should be made from stainless steel so that they can withstand heavy cleaning.

Chef’s Knife

This everyday knife is a frequently used and versatile tool. A multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at any number of tasks, a quality chef’s knife means that you can slice and chop vegetables with ease – and also cut up larger meats and vegetables with ease.

Serrated Edge Knife

Serrated edge knives are the perfect everyday tool for slicing things like bread or roasts. The serrated edge helps cleanly cut, while the length and sharpness can slice through loaves and roasts effortlessly. When made from a material such as high-carbon German stainless steel, the blades will be strong, durable, and easily sharpened so that they last.

Small Serrated Knife

Small serrated knives are perfect for cutting through items like steak and tomato. A good small serrated knife should be made from durable materials such as stainless steel with a strong serrated edge for easy and accurate chopping.

Honing Steel

A good honing steel helps keep your knives sharper for longer by smoothing blade edges and allowing for precision cutting. Honing your knives will make them more accurate, while also reducing mis-cuts and injuries.  

All the tools you have in your kitchen should be helping you run a smoother service. Investing in quality, well-made, and durable tools ensure you get maximum value out of them. Take stock of your tools, and make sure that you have everything you need in your business.

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Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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