Alternatives to Plastic Cups: Best Sustainable Disposable Cups

Why is it Important to Find Alternatives to Plastic Cups?

Food packaging in Australia is often sourced from single-use plastic materials (think plastic bags, plastic straws and plastic containers). One of the biggest contributors to waste however is a product that's not often talked about in that conversation: the conventional disposable takeaway cups.

Takeaway coffee cups are often not recyclable in Australian waste streams as they have an inner plastic lining to make them waterproof. Sustainability Victoria found that approximately 2.7 million single-use disposable coffee cups are thrown out by Australians every day - meaning that all those cups will end up in landfill.

With those kind of numbers, it’s no wonder that customers are concerned about the use of single-use plastic and plastic cups in their local cafes and coffee shops.

So, what can you do to limit the use of disposable cups and plastic waste in your business?

What Are Sustainable Disposable Cups?

Sustainable hot cups are takeaway coffee cups that are ethically sourced from renewable or recyclable material that can also be recycled or composted after-use.

Materials used for sustainable disposable cups include anything that is derived from plant-based materials, as well as reusable cups or recyclable and/or compostable after-use. These include ethically sourced wood pulp paper, sugarcane (bagasse) materials, bamboo and beeswax coated birchwood - all materials that can help limit your environmental impact.

Best Sustainable Disposable Coffee Cups

An easy way to reduce the amount of plastic waste caused by single-use cups is to invest in sustainable alternatives and sustainable takeaway cups.

  • Bamboo Cups

Bamboo Cups are made from renewable materials and contain a bioplastic lining made of plant-based resources like polylactic acid instead of conventional plastic linings. Bioplastic linings do not contain any harmful chemicals that impact our environment.

  • Aqueous Paper Cups

Aqueous Paper Cups are an innovative design where the disposable cup is lined with a water-based barrier coating (WBBC) as opposed to plastic or bio-plastic. Not only does this eliminate the use of plastic in the cups, but it also means that the cup, can be composted or in specific facilities after use.

  • Embossed Paper Cups

Made with a WBBC and paper sourced from well-managed Forest Stewardship Council certified forests (FSC-C117930) and other controlled sources, these Embossed Paper Cups are designed with a ripple embossed effect to allow for better grip. Ideal for healthcare and aged care environments.

How Do Sustainable Disposable Cups Impact Waste Reduction and Environmental?

Sustain offers a wide range of renewable and aqueous disposable cups to help reduce plastic waste in Australia and give your customers a sustainable choice for their takeaway drinks.

Find out how else you can contribute to creating more sustainable choices you’re your businesses here

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