The Coffee Cup Initiative with CCAB

Indigenous Australians are the original inhabitants of Australia and a crucial part of our country's cultural identity, yet are considered one of the most vulnerable demographics in Australia. To bridge the gap in Indigenous disadvantage and promote the economic independence of communities, David Liddiard Group established CCAB (CorporateConnect.AB) in 2010.

CCAB strives to increase the representation of Indigenous-owned businesses in corporate supply chains to boost employment rates in Indigenous communities. One of the programs CCAB had in place is the 'Coffee Cup Initiative,' which raises awareness of Indigenous culture and current issues by showcasing Indigenous designs on disposable coffee cups.

The Katermaster Indigenous range of hot cups features designs by contemporary Indigenous artists Russell 'Yilamara' Brown and Allan Sumner, whose art styles reflect their personal experiences and cultural heritage.

Today, only 120 out of the original 250 Indigenous Australian language groups are still in use. Both Brown and Sumner emphasise and advocate for the preservation of Indigenous culture and language with their art as an important canvas.

Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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