A Guide to the Handiest Kitchen Utensils

When it comes to the food service industry, the kitchen utensils you have on hand can be the difference between a smooth service or a difficult rush period. From a catering business to a small restaurant or café, finding the best cooking utensils for your kitchen is key.

So, how do you know which kitchen tools and utensils are best for your business? Find our guide below:


A vital kitchen tool for commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants, pubs and the casual home cook, this kitchen tool is perfect for spreading toppings on sandwiches or as a sandwich slicer. A quality scraper should be made from stainless steel to withstand constant use and can also be used to scrape over surfaces before they’re wiped down at the end of a shift.


Perhaps one of the most versatile kitchen utensils, square tip turners are ideal when it comes to lifting, flipping and the general grilling of food items. Turners are perfect for letting grease drain off burger patties when held on an angle and its sharp edge can easily slide underneath fragile grilled food like fish or veggie patties. Like the scraper, turners can also be used to scrape down any residual food on a grill or pan allowing for a better quality clean at the end of the day.


One of the most popular cooking tools are the classic kitchen tongs – whether home cooking or in a catering business with a large-scale commercial kitchen, there are a variety of different styled tongs that can help to create a smoother service period. From Dualon’s Tongs Matfer which are designed to easily turn foods and drain grease through the slots in the hands or Stainless Steel Utility Tongs which are perfect for barbecuing or serving up side dishes, tongs are a versatile kitchen utensil and a perfect cooking tool for any kitchen.

Can Openers

When it comes to the food service industry, there are two major types of can openers you’ll find in smaller cafes and restaurants or large commercial kitchens. A Commercial Can Opener is bench mounted and perfect for professional kitchens that deal with large-canned ingredients where stronger blades are required to cut through the metal. On the other side of them is the Everyday Can Opener which is perfect for a smaller kitchen or bar dealing with general consumer sized cans. It’s not unusual for a kitchen to have both types depending on what that kitchen is servicing.

Honing Steels and Sharpening Stones

A key part of any well-oiled kitchen is a set of sharp professional knives. Not only do sharp knives mean more precise cuts and less food wastage, but you can also create a safer kitchen in general as a dull blade requires more pressure which increases the chances of an accident occurring. This is why having a good knife sharpener on hand – such as a honing steel or a sharpening stone – is an essential kitchen utensil.  Professional knives should be sharpened after every 30 or so uses to maintain a precise blade.

All these kitchen utensils are what will help you run a smooth service and investing in quality cooking utensils will ensure that they last longer and help you get maximum value as well.

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Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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