A Complete Guide to Butchers Knives

With all the different knives on the market, knowing which ones are suitable for what job is key to ensuring quality cuts and products. The knife you’d use for breaking down larger cuts of meat and trimming fat is different to the one that you’d use for slicing. The knife that will best remove meat from bone is not the same as the one that will easily take skin off flesh.

Using the right knives for different jobs not only heightens the quality of your cuts but can also reduce overall food wastage for your business. So, if you’re looking for a quality butcher knife, take a look at our complete guide to find the perfect one for the job.

Cimetar Knife

With a wide, curved blade that covers a larger slicing area, a cimetar knife is the perfect blade for the precise cutting down of large pieces of meat into retail cuts. Specifically designed so that they can easily glide through meat and remove fat in one long slice to prevent potential tearing, the stiff blade allows for no flex so you can easily slice quality cuts of steak and schnitzel. Cimetar knives are a cost-effective addition to any butcher knife set as they can help minimise excess food waste.

Boning Knife

Perhaps the most popular butcher knife around, a traditional boning knife features a short blade to give you greater control when removing meat from bone. The shorter blade pierces meat easily to safely remove any raw meat from the bone and helps achieve a cleaner cut. Perfect for boning cuts of meat, fish and poultry, the thinner and shorter blade gives you increased maneuverability when cutting around bones and sinew.

Skinning Knife

Skinning knives are a key tool for any butcher when it comes to preparing quality product. Designed with a wide and curved back blade, a skinning knife has a blunt tip to prevent any accidental puncturing during the skinning process. These knives are often curved backwards to make it easier for you to move around tight spaces, muscles, and bones and help achieve a seamless skinning.

Poultry Shears

Though not a knife, poultry shears are an important tool for any butcher to have when prepping poultry. Poultry shears are a simple way to guarantee evenly divided poultry as they’re specifically designed to easily cut through bone, chicken skin and other tough materials. They’re often curved in a crescent shape to make cutting whole poultry easier and can also be used to remove scales and fins from fish and strip fat from meat (although you’d want to be careful to use a model with a blunt tip to avoid any possible puncturing or tearing).

When it comes to finding the perfect butcher knife, it’s important to consider everything that you’ll be doing in the kitchen. From slicing and dicing to skinning and boning, there’s a wide variety of professional knives to help you consistently and comfortably deliver results.

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Authored by Stephanie Bennett

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