Advantage Heavy Duty Carton Liner 30Um Blue V-Seal 635x635x380mm CT of 500

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Length 0.35m x Width 0.35m x Height 0.265m
Pack size:
Carton of 500


Advantage Heavy Duty Carton Liners, 30Um Blue V-Seal 635x635x380mm, are perfect for protecting products from air, moisture and leakages. These liners are designed for lining cartons or crates and are useful in packing fresh meat. With a free seal that protects meat from freezer burn.

  • A reliable high-quality solution
  • HACCP International QA accreditation held by Bunzl
  • Lining fresh and dry goods plus are ideal for frozen products
  • Manufactured to meet food grade requirements
  • Protects products from air, moisture and leakages

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