Abri-Soft Classic Underlay

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Length 0.6m x Width 0.4m x Height 0.38m
Pack size:
Carton of 100


Abena Abri-Soft Classic Underlay is a disposable fluff-filled underlay with a waterproof polyethylene backing, and 4 sealed edges to ensure leakage control. Made from highly absorbent material with embossed channels for maximum fluid dispersion and a non-woven layer for optimum dryness and softness. They are suitable for protection of beds and chairs, blood sampling and changing a baby's nappy when on the move.

  • Designed specifically for the larger user, this product has a longer length to allow for different body shapes
  • Suitable for protection of beds and chairs
  • Ideal for changing a baby's nappy when on the move

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