Abri-Let Super Airlaid Booster 140ml CT/600

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Length 0.6m x Width 0.26m x Height 0.365m
Pack size:
Carton of 600


Abena Abri-Let Super Airlaid Booster is an absorbing rectangular pad with a soft and ultrathin core. It can be used in addition to a single use continence aid to boost capacity or to assist with faecal ooze. The Abri-Let has a permeable backing to enable excess liquid to be wicked into the primary continence aid. Abri-Let is an absorbing rectangular pad with a soft and ultrathin core which also contains SAP (Superabsorbent polymer). The product has an airlaid backsheet and therefore is fully breathable.

  • Can be used as a booster for extra absorption when used together with a primary continence aid
  • It can also be used as a maternity pad or an absorbing pad in case of wound care and can be sterilised
  • We recommend Abri-Let products to be fixated with Abri-Fix fitting range

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